Waihi Beach Lifeguard Services

The Waihi Beach Lifeguard Services protect the community whilst they’re at the beach. They provide lifeguard patrol services between October and April along the 10km coast. They also provide 24/7 call-out squad services in the greater region covering 75km. 

Volunteer lifeguards not only provide patrol support to the community, but they are highly trained in lifeguarding, first aid, leadership and equipped to handle situations under pressure. These individuals not only utilise these skills during patrol hours but also provide these life skills to their place of work, sports clubs and communities they live in. These are transferable skills. 

Waihi Beach Lifeguards also run the junior surf (beach education) summer programmes for 5-13 years, Rookie Lifeguard programmes for 12-14 years old, senior leadership & sports programmes for 14+, which all contribute to building young adult's skills and knowledge. These programmes are proven to assist with their development into adulthood and helps to prepare them for entry to university, defense positions like they army, police or the work place. 

In 2019 Waihi Beach Lifeguard Services received funding from the C Toop Fund.


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