Beachaven Family Services - 2018

Beachaven is the only social service located in Papamoa East, and their core work is to run programmes that help to connect local people with one another. The organisations support groups that appeal to all ages in the community, including a parent and children’s group, a recreational group for seniors, a walking group, and a group that enjoys a monthly luncheon outing.

The services provided are especially helpful for newcomers, who are often lonely. Beachaven becomes their first point of contact to make new friends. Recent widows receive support through a very trying time in their lives, and they are very grateful for the programmes that Beachaven has put in place.

They also provide parenting advice and can direct older visitors with health issues to the service that best meets their needs. Beachaven finds that many people just need someone to talk to who can share their concerns—they provide a drop-in service for anyone who just wants to come and have a chat and a coffee.

In 2019, Beachaven Family Services was funded by the Bob Sutherland Fund.


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