Youth Encounter Ministries

Youth Encounter Ministries' ("YEM") mission is to unleash and release the potential in young people and their families through delivering exciting and engaging programmes such as Dirt Bike Encounter.

Dirt Bike Encounter is an intentionally therapeutic process for marginalised at risk 11-16yr old youth as a means of getting them on the right track in life. Through 1on1 sessions and group courses, YEM use the fun and risk-taking activity of dirt bike riding as a tool to engage youth and give them a sense of belonging.

At YEM, they believe every person can encounter their God-given potential to live life wide open when they know they belong and believe in their value.

"Acorn Foundation's financial support makes it possible for us to show our rangatahi that they are worth it, that that are valued and there is a future for them. It gives us the opportunity to impart hope into the hopeless and show them that there is a better way forward in life for them.'

In 2019 Acorn funding was received from the B Sutherland and J Tingey Memorial Funds. 


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