Youth Search and Rescue Trust Tauranga

The Tauranga Youth Search & Rescue programme is an independent, non-profit organization which enables teenagers to develop the necessary skills to participate in becoming full active members of Community Volunteer Search and Rescue and Civil Defence Emergency Management.

The programme is delivered by skilled trainers with backgrounds in Emergency Management Search & Rescue, military and medical backgrounds, outdoor education specialists, police officers and firefighters. The 3-year programme covers a range of skills and specialist training including: Emergency Management, Bush craft, Communications, Leave no Trace Principles, Information Technology, First Aid, Water Safety, Weather, Leadership, Helicopter Safety, Search Techniques, Tracking, Rope Rescue Systems, Suburban Search, Geographical Information Systems, 4 Wheel Drive Safety, Environmental Awareness, Navigation, Nutrition, Search Psychology.  

One parent recently described YSAR as a "Pay it Forward Movement". Leaders paying it forward to the students, the students then paying it forward in their communities.